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Register to volunteer at Franklinton Gardens for Earth Day 2014!


NOW HIRING: Americorps Position at Franklinton Gardens


High Tunnel Deconstruction

The crew took a trip to Locust Run Farm in Oxford, OH to pickup a high tunnel. Harv, the owner, donated the tunnel and was a great host! We’ll reconstruct the tunnel at our Harvey’s Place Garden at 909 W Rich St. 


Franklinton Resident to Host Weekly Gardening Class


California grows about 60% of the vegetables eaten in the US each year and they are dependent on irrigation. Both the State and Federal Governments have cut off water to farming because of severe shortages and so it is estimated that vegetable costs will double as a result.

Franklinton Gardens is launching a new program that teaches how to grow vegetables in your own back yard. During World War 2, these were called Victory Gardens.


There will be a one hour class every Saturday 8.00 – 9.00 am, usually in the garden of Judy Box. As class members make progress, the class may move to different homes.

The basic class will focus on what can be grown in two beds 4×8 ft each. A lot of food can come from 64 sq ft of garden. Using intensive planting, you can plant vegetables close enough that weeding is not a huge chore.

For more information email We hope to start very soon as planting season starts very soon. Experienced gardeners are urged to be involved and if interested – please email Judy.

UPDATE: Classes start Saturday, March 22nd at 9AM. The class will be held at 192 North Guilford Ave, Columbus 43222. 

*It is strongly recommend that folks buy “Square Foot Gardening” by Mel Bartholomew – it is about $9 on Amazon for an old copy and the earlier editions are better than the later ones anyway.


Franklinton Resident Visits Haiti


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